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The Lever #015: The 3 Types of Content

Writing on the side when you've got a full time job is hard. There is so many different things to focus on.

Cut through the noise and focus on creating the right content at the right time.


Before we start:

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Becoming an author is hard work. Doubly so if you are doing that work on the side.

Balancing writing (or other content creation) with a day job means you probably don't have as much time to dedicate to your writing as you'd like. That has certainly been the case for me.

Becoming an authorpreneur means you are working to either supplement your current salary, or eventually replace your salary. Both goals require work. Work requires time.

Time will be limited when you already have a fulltime job.

To get it all done you need to work smart. You need a strategy.

And that strategy starts with understanding the 3 types of content.

The 3 Types of Content

The 3 types of content that you must always be working on are:

  1. Big Project

  2. Ongoing

  3. Relationship

All 3 are required to build a successful business.

Miss just 1 and you are bound to fail.

1 - Big Project

Creating a business means you need something to sell.

Leveraging your knowledge and skills is the goal. Creating the right kind of products is what will enable you to help people at scale. If you are good at this then you should make enough money to support your lifestyle, so you can focus on your mission.

The Big Project is where you create the business drivers.

You should have a big project going at all times:

  • A book

  • A course

  • A giveaway

  • A lead magnet

  • A software solution

These products are the end result, and selling them is the goal.

Support projects are big projects too:

  • Setting up an LLC

  • Opening accounts

  • Email drip campaign

  • Building landing pages

These are the framework upon which your company is built.

The key is to focus on ONE big project at a time. Take it from Idea to Execution before starting something new.

You've got to get to market quickly and not dilute your efforts. Your time is spread thin already.

Success favors speed.

2 - Ongoing

A simple truth about becoming an authorpreneur is that you need an audience.

The goal is to move people from interested, to engaged, to paying customers. If you intend to sell products you need people to sell them to. Creating ongoing content is how you attract people to your ideas.

Ongoing content is the regular output that fuels your business:

  • Tweets

  • Articles

  • Threads

  • Podcasts

  • Newsletters

It is the ongoing conversation you have with your followers.

This can be as simple as showing up every day.

And is so powerful because it:

  • Collects data

  • Builds an audience

  • Creates momentum

  • Validates your ideas

  • Starts conversations

If you do it right, and you listen to your audience, it will tell you exactly what Big Project you need to be working on.

The risk is that you can easily spend all of your time creating this content. You lose sight of the ultimate goal, build the audience, then have nothing to give them when they are ready to take the next step.

You need to create this efficiently and to a high standard.

You need a system.

3 - Relationship Building

You build relationships by providing value to others. And you provide value by helping people achieve their goals.

Even if everything else fails, the relationships you build will carry you through.

As Mike Kim says, Relationships are Rocket Ships

To build relationships you need to show up every day:

  • Engaging

  • Zoom calls

  • DM messages

  • Adding comments

  • Face to face conversations

Relationships need safety, familiarity, and trust.

This all takes time, and there is also a risk of losing sight of the big goal while you chase dopamine hits on your timeline.

Remember, social media algorithms are specifically designed to keep you on the timeline. It benefits them, not you, and not your audience.

To engage intelligently and effectively, stay off your timeline.

Instead, identify people of value that you'd like to know. Add them to a series of smart lists. Work from those.

And don't forget about working one on one. Message people directly, start a conversation. Move some of those to an actual call.

This is where real relationship building occurs.

Do it right and you'll create fans (and friends!) for life.

Here is an easy exercise to get you started.

Get Started

To be a creator you need to create.

And to become an authorpreneur you need an entire package of complimentary content.

Make sure you are balancing your limited creation time across the 3 types of content.

This is the fastest path from Employee to Authorpreneur.


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