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The Philosophy of Productivity

Tasks are the actions you take to accomplish your goals.  Results take work, and tasks are the shape of that work.

Everything you do is a task, from the biggest endeavor to the smallest activity.  The largest projects are simply a series of connected tasks.

Time is your most precious resource, and is totally finite.  What you choose to spend it on shows your priorities.

All tasks take time.  There is an optimal amount of time on task that results in maximum efficiency.

The only three variables you control in life are Tasks, Time, and Attention.

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Attention is the multiplier.  When applied in full it minimizes the time needed to complete your tasks to an optimal level. Time on task is determined by your attention.  Full focus results in optimal time on task.  


Your results are a function of focused time on task.

Attention applied to the right task for a period of time is where results come from.

The Peaceful Productivity system breaks down each of these three variables and provides tools to:

  • Prioritize the most effective tasks to focus on

  • Focus your attention with intention

  • Manage your time efficiently

And it does this not just for your work, but for all aspects of your life. 

This lets you achieve results in a balanced, unrushed manner.


A strong productivity practice will make you more effective, efficient, and will help create the only true wealth you can have - discretionary time.

But time for what?

Becoming Prolific

Everyone has a strong desire to create.  It lives within all of us, and makes you feel bad when ignored.

You can scratch that itch with a hobby, fill it with family, or dive all the way into your career.

But I propose a better option.

Self actualization is our ultimate calling and is deeply rewarding.  Creating something personal and working on yourself will then give you the satisfaction and self confidence that will carry over to all other aspects of your life.


I'm a writer.  I freelance for magazines, am a published author, and a prolific content creator.  And I do all this while working full time as a business executive.

The space I create with my productivity system gets filled with these creative pursuits.

Good writing equals good thinking.  Good writing is persuasive, clear, and powerful.

In time I will be sharing my content creation system and lessons on writing here.

These include my Top Down Creation Formula, and the EPS System of Persuasive Writing.

And the point of these creative efforts is to help you become...


The final piece of the puzzle.

A productivity practice creates space to create prolifically.

That creation, structured properly, can be leveraged into a profitable business.

Whether you want to escape your 9-5 (I don't) or just want to build a diversified revenue stream from your efforts, the key to doing either lies in creating Smart Systems.

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Systems create leverage.  And with a lever long enough you can move the world.

The ultimate leverage comes from creating assets once that earn forever.

To quote Jack Butcher, build once, sell twice.


Once created, the final step is to plug that in to an optimized system that runs continuously in the background, with minimal maintenance requirements.

With a Smart Business System implemented you come back full circle - to an optimized productivity system that creates space so you can focus on your highest leverage work.

As a ship Captain with 20 years at sea, and another 10 years in business as a senior leader and MBA, I know what that system looks like.  And I'm excited to share it with you.

Hi, I'm Sean,

Mastering my time has allowed me to build a great career while still making space to create successful side projects.  I've written the book, created the course, and built the online foundations needed to deliver it all - while still working a (very busy!) day job.

I want to help you do the same by showing you systems-based frameworks to work within.  

Manage your time effectively and you'll be effective at work.  AND you'll make space to work on something creative.

Getting good at writing, videos, or anything creative is a result of careful study and VOLUME.  So you need a system that supports becoming Prolific.

And since you'll be creating digital assets anyways you should package and sell your knowledge.  Because money is just leverage, and you can use it to recapture your only true asset:


Your Time

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