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Get the Freedom Generator Today for just $47 and...

Learn A Powerful Time Blocking System To Plan Better Goals, Prioritize Your Actions,
And Get More Of The Right Things Done

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Inside this course you'll learn how to use your calendar as a powerful timeblocking tool, intentionally design your perfect week, and work the system to make daily progress towards your biggest goals.

Do you ever feel like time is just slipping away?


You set ambitious goals and work on them for a while but then one day look up and realize you haven't gotten anywhere.


So you recalibrate, start again, and… same result.


The trouble isn't that you don’t have the desire.  The trouble is that you don't have a Smart System for effectively managing your time.


Everything you do is a task.  Think of it as the smallest unit of work.


Cleaning the car.  Fixing a fence.  Writing a report.


All tasks take time.


The amount of time depends on how good you are at doing the thing, how much attention you pay to what you are doing, and how committed you are to finishing ONE THING at a time.


Most people are easily distracted from the task at hand.  They get started but then allow someone or something else to pull them off track.  Next thing you know they've started working on something else while the first task sits unfinished.


But not you.


You understand that time is the only true resource.  And by managing time effectively you create an environment where you:


  • Understand the top priority in any moment

  • Work with focus to close the loop on your high value work

  • Don’t take on more than you can handle

  • Finish what you start

  • Constantly consider feedback so you can continuously improve your results


By working within a proven framework you remove hesitation and doubt.  Instead, you work on carefully considered tasks that will actually move the lever.

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Effective time management helps you set goals, focus, organize, prioritize, communicate and delegate.


But its not just about mindset.  You've got to have a tool to manage it all.


The Freedom Generator is that tool.

Get The Course Right Now For Just $47
And You'll Receive These Bonuses for FREE:

The Daily Dashboard

A custom built time tracker that imports your calendar data and gives full visibility on how you spend your time.

Its a powerful tool for understanding your day and planning your future.

Easy Start Template

A premade template that you can use to quick start your calendar.

Just import, update, and you'll be time blocking in minutes.

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Yes I Want The Course + Bonuses!

What You'll Discover Inside This Digital Course and Time Management Toolkit:

Section 1: The Foundations

🔶 Who This Is For
🔶 The Productivity Philosophy
🔶 Developing The Productive Mindset

Section 2: The Tools

🔶 Google Tasks - Remember it all
🔶 Google Calendar - Never miss a thing 
🔶 The Daily Dashboard - Track it with ease

Section 3: The System

🔶 Creating Your Perfect Week
🔶 Cascading Task Management
🔶 Day to Day Operation of the System

Section 4: The Weekly Review

🔶 The Key To Keeping It Running
🔶 Review Backwards to Plan Forwards
🔶 Tracking, Reflection, and Preparation

Here Is Who This Works Best For

This system is not for everyone.  If you have a "job" instead of a "career", or if you aren't actively working to improve your life then its probably not for you.  But if you are…
  • A multi-passionate with a variety of goals
  • A business owner drowning in the day to day
  • A student trying to balance work with your studies
  • An entrepeneur trying to get a big idea off the ground
  • A parent with two (or more) jobs trying to raise two (or more) kids
  • An executive working to get results while protecting your work life balance
…then the Freedom Generator is for you.

The Peaceful Productivity System Applied

This course covers the nuts and bolts of working the 5-Step Peaceful Productivity system.


The Time Blocking tools presented in this course need some technical setup, which is best described in this "over the shoulder" format.

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No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee


Here’s a simple promise:


I guarantee that you'll love this course.


And if you put this process into practice for the next 30 days and you're not satisfied with your results, just let me  know and I'll send you a full refund. Here's how...


1. Send an email to


2. Attach your Daily Dashboard tracking spreadsheet to show me you’ve at least tried to put the process into practice.


That’s it.


This Is A 365-Day Guarantee.


That means you have 365 days to go through the course and all of the bonuses before you decide if you find it valuable.


Start tomorrow, or start 6 months from now.


Either way, if you show me that you’ve put this process into practice for at least 30 days and it hasn’t helped you better manage your time, you can still claim on the guarantee stated above.


Get the Freedom Generator + Bonuses

For Just $47

🔸Instant Access To The Freedom Generator Course

🔸Bonus #1: The Daily Dashboard Calendar Exporter

🔸Bonus #2: The Easy Start Calendar Template

🔸365-Day Guarantee

Get the training, the templates, the whole toolkit.

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