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This professionally built tracker will capture your word count, time on task, and projects workload - then visualize ALL of your data

Get it today for just $47 and start hitting your word count goals!
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If you want to write professionally having a centralized location to track and manage your work is crucial.  With this tracker all you need to do is enter your writing stats each day, then it will do the rest!


Anthony Trollope was an amazingly prolific novelist who wrote 49 books in his lifetime.

His secret?

Optimizing for 250 words every 15 minutes.

At the beginning of each project he would start a new writing journal.  With his wordcount goal firmly in mind he would write with a stopwatch on the table.  And when the writing was finished for the day he would record the total words and time spent in his journal.


With this workman-like attitude he was able to become one of the most-respected authors of his time and produce a staggering amount of published work - while working a day job.

"When I have commenced a new book, I have always prepared a diary, divided into weeks, and carried it on for the period which I have allowed myself for the completion of the work.  In this I have entered, day by day, the number of pages I have written"
- Anthony Trollope

The Power of Accurate Tracking 

Simply adding your data into the tracker at the end of each session returns amazing insights into your productivity and process:
  • Measure your progress
  • Optimizes your time management
  • Identify patterns in your writing habits
  • Increases motivation and accountability
  • Plan your writing projects more effectively
  • Encourages accountability and consistency
  • Pinpoint challenges that affect your writing productivity.
Tracking your word count and writing session length provides a data-driven approach to becoming a more efficient and effective writer while helping you better understand your writing habits and patterns.
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Wordcount and Publishing 

See your average daily wordcount at a glance.

Plus the total words for the year and your projected output at the current rate.

And of course, the only writing that REALLY counts is published writing.  Watch your publishing schedule to make sure you stay on track!

Writing Categories and Types

How much time are you spending on different types of projects, or writing within your main content pillars?

The tracker will tell you.

Use this to ensure you are hitting the right balance between paid and nurture content, or private client and personal work.

Time On Task

Writing isn't just writing.

It is research, interviewing, outlining, and editing too.

Track your time on each task to see how long your projects really take.

Invaluable for quoting freelance work and estimating delivery dates.

Insightful Graphs

Chart your progress by the day, the week, or the year:

  • Total writing time

  • Total word count

  • Words per hour

  • Session length

  • Total sessions

Use the results to stay on track, find the best time of day to write, and overall productivity.

And Manage Your Publishing!

Where does all your work go?  The tracker knows.

Input deadlines for a live countdown until your due date.

Generate a list of your published work, complete with links.

Use the tracker to balance your publishing across platforms with ease.

Get StoryTrack Pro Today

For Just $47

🔸Plan your content

🔸Visualize your progress

🔸Consistently hit deadlines

🔸Hold yourself accountable

🔸...and (finally) finish that big project

Get the tracker today and Write your best life.

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