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The Lever #046 - Pulling the Big 3 Levers

The purpose of the newsletter is to help you develop Smart Systems that will make you Productive, Prolific, and Profitable.

You do that by creating leverage. And there are 3 levers you can pull that are exceptionally long.


But first:

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​You've only got so much time. To work, to live, to create.

I see people every day putting in the work, but on the wrong thing.

Punching the clock day in and day out doesn't bring you success. Punching the clock on the right thing does.

So what's the right thing?

What to Focus On

There are a lot of things you can choose to focus on. Skills to build. Things to do.

The trouble with a lot of what you choose to do is that the focus is on the result instead of the skill. You are chasing a lag measure or result. That's low leverage.

High leverage activities focus on the activity itself. The input you create. What you can control. That's high leverage.

Here are three high leverage areas to focus on that are worth the investment:


I talk about time a lot but that's because its all we got.

Everything takes time and the level of success you have at anything in life is a result of how smartly you apply that time.

If you are trying to live your best life then you need some system to manage your time. Because you aren't going to have the success you deserve if you are always rolling in 10 minutes late like a hot mess.

A smart system of time management does a few things:

🔸You always show up ready.

🔸You stop missing deadlines.

🔸You never forget an obligation.

🔸You get out more time than you put in.

🔸And you start spending it with intention.

The common variable that everything you choose to do is the time it takes to do it.

Spend some time to better manage your time and get more done to a higher standard.

That's leverage.


Money can't buy you happiness but neither can poverty - Leo Rosten

Money gives you options. And options give you leverage.

Who has more negotiating power? The person that desperately needs the job to keep the lights on or the one that afford to wait for the right opportunity?

Good decisions are rarely made from a place of desperation and a lack of money creates desperate people.

Then again, I also know people with plenty of money that don't have many options. Because they are overleveraged.

Its not about the total amount. Its about the mindset and how you use the assets you have available.

🔸Understand that there is plenty out there.

🔸Control your monthly finances.

🔸Spend less than you earn.

🔸Invest for the long term.

🔸Use debt smartly.


Its not what you know. Its who you know.

Like it or not I've seen it (and lived it!) time and time again.

And if you don't like it, why not? Relationship building is just meeting new people and having interesting conversations.

I set a meeting with a new salesguy and my rainmaker recently. He was unsure "how to sell". She told him that she never sells. She builds relationships. And - as long as they know what you do - they will buy when ready.

That's the power of relationships.

🔸More options.

🔸Better projects.

🔸Bigger opportunities.

🔸Creates trust and goodwill.

🔸Chance to work with the best.

Time spent creating and cultivating relationships is always time well spent.


Focusing on high leverage actions is what creates leverage.

The key isn't to focus on the results of those actions, but focus on the actions themselves.

🔸Manage your time

🔸Manage your money

🔸Build strong relationships

Get a handle on these three skills and you'll be unstoppable in the long run.


When you are ready, here are a few ways I can help:

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