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First Chapter 100% Free:

What you will learn in Peaceful Productivity

  • Effective methods for crafting a vision for your life & for setting goals

  • A 360 degree look at your life to create space to work on carefully selected tasks that will drive results

  • A step-by-step time blocking method that will help you create powerful routines to get the right things done

  • Prioritization strategies to ensure you focus on what's important

  • A system for tracking your personal data and results

  • A cadence of reviews to hold yourself accountable, ensure you are on target, and quickly adjust course when you have strayed...

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Strong systems are the tool that will create leverage.

Each week I will send a new concept backed by science and experience, and will give you a tool to implement it into your own life.

Its time to create more leverage in your life.

"The Lever" is a nod to Archimedes of Syracuse, credited with developing mathematical proof of the principle of the lever. This act inspired the now-famous quote:


"Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world"

What we are after here is "leverage": 


• Getting more done with less effort

• Creating repeatable results

• Scaling success without burning out


Strong systems are the tool that will create this leverage.

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